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No Frills, Just Massage

Updated: May 28, 2019

I could list all the modalities I have been trained in and the hundreds of continuing education certificates I have. I could invent a fancy type of massage, give it a special name, and tell you the magical things it will do to change your life in the most positive ways that no other type of massage can do. I could try to sell you on essential oil upgrades because they supposedly do this or that. I love essential oils and use them because they smell good and not because of their magical powers. Let me keep it real for you. Each session is individual and customized. I use a combination of different techniques, modalities (call them what you want- sports, myofascial, trigger point, NMT, PNF, MET, AIS, CRS, Swedish, deep tissue, and so forth), to facilitate the results that one individual is seeking. It is YOUR massage; not mine.

I will offer education that is based on facts and not rumor or anecdote. We will create your session together and it will be your own. There are a few things I will not budge on, however. One of these things is 'no pain, no gain'. This does not exist in my session. Pain is counterproductive, so regardless of what you tell me, if your body tells me you are in pain, by tensing up, pulling away, or you are verbalizing pain, I will change the pressure and/ or technique. Creating pain is creating tissue damage. Unless that is the intent behind the session (most cases, it is not), the pressure and technique will be modified as to not create pain. The 'hurt-feel-good' sensation is different and that I am happy to facilitate.

I will not attempt to tell you that the massage you receive from me (or anyone for that matter) will flush any toxins from your body. This never happens. Your liver should do a fine job of that on its own. Your massage will not push lactic acid from your sore muscles faster after you have worked out. Lactic acid does not cause muscle soreness. It just doesn't work like that! I will offer you water, not because it will flush toxins from your body after a massage or that you are suppose drink a certain amount for your body weight, but simply because you may be thirsty and it is the polite thing to do.

Ready to book a massage without all the magical promises? How about booking one to feel good? You knead a change! I look forward to hearing from you!

Angie Reiter

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